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Burden Beyond the Badge

Through short-stories, poetry, real life police depictions & personal adventures , this blog aims to improve the long term mental health of individuals in law enforcement and those who support them.

About the Author

“Tom Ludlow”

“Tom Ludlow” is this blogger’s nom de plume. The author is a sworn and active law enforcement agent by trade, with over 15-years working as a street cop. Tom Ludlow currently works in one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the USA. Choosing to remain on the streets, his passion for justice and for the safety of his fellow coppers is paralleled only by his fervor for the written word.

Read his blogs as he gives first hand accounts of the visceral and violent realities of police work. He will attempt to shed light on the otherwise opaque world of mental health within police culture. He will deal head on with the silent but direct dangers of police work such as health problems, PTSD, high divorce rate, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, suicide and many other ailments.

In this blog, Tom Ludlow plans to interact with his followers. He wants to trade his methods of decompression and coping mechanisms with yours. His love of writing, music, travel and backpacking have been vital in his quest for balance between justice and personal inner peace.

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